Welcome to the 'House Whisperer' !


Our mission is to give you a healthy living space that sustains your health and well-being and that supports the life of our planet.


Building Biology looks after the relationship between our clients and their built environment.

The World Health Organisation states, that about 75% of all diseases are caused by environmental factors.

Most of us are spending  around 90% of our time in indoor environments. 

In our daily lives, we are constantly exposed to stress from external forces and energies, which put considerable strain on our bodies and minds.   - In order to remain strong and well-balanced, we need healthy places and spaces to work, create, rest and recover.  Contact us, if -

  • You need a Health-Check for your home, workplace or land.
  • You intend to build, to move, or to renovate.
  • You are looking for products to make your environment safe.

For advice, project management or home/property/office consultation, we are here to help -

Joachim Herrmann,

 M.Sc.Biology, Dip.Ed., certified Building Biologist (BBE, NZ) BBNA


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